Beauty and the wonder of poetry. Voices of a poetic education to revive our times

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Stefania Ulivieri Stiozzi


Poetry is an epiphany of the gaze, an arousing vision. It opens a passage unexpectedly, where a glimmer of truth is found. The poetic word is a metaphor for this extraordinary time, revealing not only a fear of the other and the threat of death – which has become a tangible presence – but also the beauty of fragility when it is cultivated as a gesture of care for oneself and for the world. A word capable of restoring a look of wonder accords the verses of some poets, bearing witness to a different way of thinking. The text seeks to explore their voices, linked by a word that cultivates the expansion of detail and the beauty hidden between the folds of a troubling time. In a moment of estranging separation, their inspiration promotes an education consisting of listening and receptivity, reviving silence, inviting gestures of devotion and intimacy towards oneself and to others and cultivating an imperishable art of life.

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